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What is the CAD and What Would I Be Joining?

Our mandate is to review educational programs using a defined set of program requirements and site visits; each site visit is made following the submission and review of a detailed report by the program on stated requirements. This committee ensures a high and uniform national standard of education for graduates of all Canadian Denturist/Denturologiste Programs.

If you chose to be a member of the CAD you are joining a partnership of licensed Denturists, Educators and Regulators who have embraced the definition of accreditation, which is a collegial process of self-study and external peer review for quality assurance, accountability and improvement of an academic institution or program.

Criteria for CAD Director

  1. is a licensed or registered denturist/denturologiste in the applicable relevant jurisdiction where the person engages in clinical practice;
  2. is engaged in clinical practice in denturism at the time of election/appointment and maintains the said practice during the person’s term of office;
  3. has at least five (5) years of clinical practice in denturism;
  4. is not a director or officer of a Member of the Corporation;
  5. has an academic degree and/or a diploma in denturism; and
  6. has the support in writing from the provincial/territorial regulatory body of which the person is licensed or registered to practice denturism for the person to be a Director of the Corporation; 

Requirements as CAD Member

  • Attend CAD Annual Meetings and conference calls throughout year
  • Correspond between formal meetings to resolve issues that require immediate attention
  • Attend Site Visits to Educational Institutions (if selected), prior review of documentation that has been provided by the school and participate in the preparation of an accreditation site visit report
  • Be available for collaborative discussions at the call of the Chair
  • Provide support to the CAD Chair as requested

This is a TEAM effort with an ultimate goal of “BETTERING OUR PROFESSION”,              


Yours in Denturism,

Nathan J. Hoffer, DD



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