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Introduction to the Accreditation Process

The Commission on Accreditation for Denturism accreditation requirements are developed, approved and reviewed on an ongoing basis by the Commission on Accreditation for Denturism in order that Denturist/Denturologiste Programs are assessed on current technology, legislated authorized denturist services and educational methodology.

Institutions are invited to apply to the Commission on Accreditation for Denturism for a review of their Program against current requirements. The Institute must submit detailed explanation and documentation to support evidence addressing the Accreditation Document Requirements.

The program review is made using  structured, site visits by experienced members of the profession who are selected by the Commission on Accreditation for Denturism, and following a detailed study of individual program submission of the responses to the Accreditation Document Requirements. The Site Visit Team meets at the Program site and conducts interviews with administration, faculty, students and other stakeholders to clarify information submitted, and to investigate issues arising from the submission. This process verifies the documentation and allows the Site Visit Team to observe students in clinical activities related to their professional training.

After the site visit, the Site Visit Team submits a report to the Commission on Accreditation for Denturism who then determines the status of Accreditation for the program. The report is then forwarded to the Institution.

Once a Program receives an accreditation status, a review or reassessment is required in order for the Program to maintain their accredited status.

Programs must submit reports to the Commission on Accreditation for Denturism as requested, informing the Commission on any changes completed or pending in facilities, resources, curriculum or structure.

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