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Accreditation for Denturism accreditation requirements are developed, approved and reviewed on an ongoing basis


Guide to Accreditation 

Accreditation Document Requirements

Disclaimer: All documents on this website are currently under review. If you are interested in obtaining copies, please contact our office directly. 

An Institute seeking accreditation of their Program is required to submit an application for a Program survey to the CAD office. The deadline for application for an accreditation review is twelve (12) months in advance of the intended survey.

The Accreditation Requirements necessitate that the Institution presenting a Program for accreditation prepare a self- evaluation of the Program’s educational activities. The Guide to Accreditation and Accreditation Document Requirements are maintained by the CAD, it is recommended that the Institutions thoroughly review both of these documents. 

It is recommended that Institutions review the Accreditation Document Requirements prior to applying for accreditation to assist with preparation for a site visit by the CAD representatives.

Institutions must complete responses or pre-survey documentation to the Accreditation Document Requirements in a clear and concise manner and address each Accreditation Requirement with appropriate information and using the related number that appears in the document. After each required response, there is a section for “Submitted Evidence Required”. This evidence may be inserted as direct response or as a referenced appendix which should be clearly labelled and must identify all responses and references.

Accredited Programs Renewing Accreditation

For Institutions preparing for an accreditation survey to renew Program accreditation, the following table is a rough guide to simplify the procedure:

One Year Prior to Status Expiring Ex. June 2021 Activity
June 2020 CAD office notifies the Institute of the impending expiry date of its Program’s accreditation. 
July – August 2020 The Institute confirms its intent to renew accreditation of its Program together with proposed dates for the site visit. 
August - September 2020 CAD directs the Institute to begin to prepare for the site visit and selects a suggested date and propose site visit members for the accreditation site visit.
September 2020 Institution confirms suggested date and confirms the accreditation Site Visit Team.
November 2020 – January 2021 Institution provides required documentation 90 days prior to selected date of site visit
February – April 2021 As scheduled, the accreditation survey takes place
February – April 2021 CAC reviews the Accreditation Site Visit report and makes a decision regarding the accreditation status of the Program.
February – April 2021 The Institution is notified of accreditation status granted to its Program, and is provided with copies of the Accreditation Site Visit report and accreditation certificate.




Disclaimer: All documents on this website are currently under review. If you are interested in obtaining copies, please contact our office directly.