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The Commission on Accreditation for Denturism (CAD) is committed to ensuring that the education and preparation of students enrolled in Canadian Denturist/Denturologistes Institutions is consistent in the delivery of programs that produce graduates having entry level competence and who are safe to practice.

The CAD is the decision making body responsible for the interests of the membership. Meetings of the CAD are held at the call of the Chair of the Board of Directors, and may be held by general meeting, teleconference, video conference or any other electronic means that allows for membership participation.  The CAD in consultation with its stakeholders, educators, regulatory bodies, association representatives and members, develops and approves the standards/requirements for educational programs for the training of Denturists/Denturologistes.

The By-Laws of the CAD state that the Board of Directors may from time to time appoint any committee or other advisory board as it deems necessary or appropriate for such purposes and, subject to the Act, with such powers as the Board of Directors shall see fit. Unless other determined by the Board of Directors, a committee shall have the power to fix its quorum in accordance with the By-Laws, to elect its chairman and to otherwise regulate its procedure. There shall be no remuneration of any Board of Director, Officers or Committee Members; however, reimbursement for reasonable expenses may and shall be determined by the Board of Directors in accordance with its By-Laws.

The Commission on Accreditation for Denturism has the mandate to review educational programs using a defined set of program requirements and structured on-site visits. Each site visit is made following the submission and review of a detailed report by the program based on stated requirements.

Mission Statement

The Commission on Accreditation for Denturism is dedicated to provide guidelines and requirements for education of Denturists/Denturologistes and through this structure the Commission determines accreditation status for denturist/denturologistes educational programs.


  • To promote a high and uniform standard of education for graduates of denturist/denturologiste  programs;
  • To promote the acceptance of denturist/denturologiste graduates as part of the dental health care team;
  • To provide an external audit for denturist/denturologiste programs to supplement program self-evaluation; 
  • To offer guidance to and grant accreditation of denturist/denturologiste education programs;
  • To encourage the incorporation of changing patterns of practice, including but not limited to the national competencies, baseline competencies and developments in denturism, into the delivery of denturist/denturologiste education programs.


The composition of the Board of the CAD shall be as follows: 

(i)  A minimum of four (4) up to a maximum of eleven (11) Directors, each of whom shall meet the following additional qualification requirements:

  1. is a licensed or registered denturist/denturologiste in the applicable relevant jurisdiction where the person engages in clinical practice;

  2. is engaged in clinical practice in denturism at the time of election/appointment and maintains the said practice during the person’s term of office;

  3. has at least five (5) years of clinical practice in denturism;

  4. is not a director or officer of a Member of the Corporation;

  5. has an academic degree and/or a diploma in denturism; and

  6. has the support in writing from the provincial/territorial regulatory body of which the person is licensed or registered to practice denturism for the person to be a Director of the Corporation;

(ii) One (1) Director shall, as a qualification requirement, have been nominated by The Denturist Association of Canada.

(iii) One (1) Director shall, as a qualification requirement, have been nominated collectively by all accredited educational institutions.

(iv) One (1) Director shall, as a qualification requirement, have been nominated collectively by the regulatory bodies.

(i) One (1) at-large Director 

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